History & key figures  

A large start-up

IT-NewVision specialises in integrating its customers' IT systems in the water and energy sectors. Founded in 2007, the company now has about a hundred consultants specialising in the sector, with expertise in two major solutions: the Oracle Utilities and E-GEE suites.

More recently, we have been operating in the field of Smart Grids with remote meter reading and Big Data storage, defining and implementing business processes for analysis and control, energy efficiency and scientific data analysis using artificial intelligence algorithms.

In 2011 IT-NewVision went international, creating a near-shore centre in Casablanca. In 2012 the company opened a subsidiary in London, expanding to Dubai in 2015.

A dynamic company

The plurality of our talents is the driver of our success. The richness of IT-NewVision lies in the cultural diversity of its teams and the careers and professional experience of its consultants. Our staff has been growing steadily since 2007. Initially consisting of about ten consultants, our company now has over 100, with no fewer than 20 different nationalities.

IT-NewVision is:

  • 20 different nationalities
  • an average age of 26
  • 4,500 hours worked per week
  • Over 7 million euros in revenue in 2015
  • 200 cups of coffee drunk per day


It-Newvision SAS
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T: +33 171199394/95
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United Kingdom

It-Newvision LTD
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United Kingdom


It-Newvision Africa
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Shore 3, 1100 BD AL QODS, 20270