Our values      

Our vision of consultancy

The Utilities sector, with its recent transformations, requires a response on the scale of the issues it faces. Our solutions draw on our values of commitment, quality and social responsibility.

Team spirit

Our missions are conducted in teams, and our consultants do not hesitate to share their experience and expertise and deliver in-house training. This team work brings all the skills and personalities of IT-NewVision together in a synergy designed to achieve a common goal: to satisfy our clients and succeed in our missions.

Great adaptability

During their careers at IT-NewVision, our consultants are often called on to change missions and clients. An ability to understand the issues behind a project quickly and join a new team is thus essential.

Listening to the client

Our consultants are always ready to listen to the client and his or her needs. They are there to facilitate the implementation of new solutions by providing appropriate support and the transfer of methods and tools.

Constant awareness of the Utilities market

We monitor the news in the water and energy sector daily to ensure we can respond fully to our clients' needs.

Diversity of expertise

The success of our missions is based on sharing our the skills of our colleagues, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

CSR commitment: IT-NewVision, a responsible company

At IT-NewVision, we seek to promote diversity in all its forms. As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and the Diversity Charter, IT-NewVision has always incorporated the principles of social and environmental responsibility into its commercial and managerial practices. Our company operates according to a philosophy of sustainable development and responsibility to our staff, clients, suppliers and wider society. We have chosen to support the UN's Ten Principles in the fields of human rights, rights at work, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. Our business performance has thus become inseparable from our social and environmental performance.


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