Project client support

« Defining, supervising and deploying to create value »

Our clients are always seeking to improve their global value by working on their operational efficiency. IT-NewVision has thus become a benchmark in project client support: its knowledge of the energy and water industries makes it a rare expert in its market. Our expertise is based on dual mastery of industries and technologies, developed continuously through our work with the key utility players.

Supporting utility clients in their understanding and appropriation of the tool

Our teams help you define a migration and data analysis strategy. Our experts are able to resolve technical and functional problems associated with the management of information system tools. Our areas of functional expertise include contractual concepts in the fields of water and energy and an understanding of the legal requirements to be met in order to comply with the legislation in force.

We also specialise in meter reading and remote reading, interventions in the field, smart metering, monthly payments and payment collection.

In helping to deliver your projects, our contributions range from drafting statements of your needs at the design stage to providing user training and support. Our varied experience has enabled us to build niche expertise that will deliver added value for your company. We help our clients to express management rules and draft functional and technical specifications enabling them to design and implement information systems tailored to their needs.

Our support is based on three key skills

  • Quality management
  • Audit and analysis of existing systems
  • Preparation of implementation specifications:
    • Defining both functional and technical requirements, with provision for standards and quality
    • Collecting and translating business requirements
    • Supervising and coordinating the activities of different project players
    • Defining and implementing the training plan
    • Verifying that the product meets the client's needs at every stage of the project
    • Functional testing of the new features implemented


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« Support for IS Departments and Business Division.

Our expertise in the Migration Chain to CC&B »


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